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  1. Maryland/ Delaware
    Hello to all. What is a good cut bait to use this time of year? I have spot, perch and squid. I was told to soak some perch and spot in some form of fish oil. I have not tried it yet though. Still learning and thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  2. New England
    im going to be striper fishing from shore this summer in pei. I would like to use mackerel for bait but i think it would be hard to catch them from where i am since it is shallow and sandy. How else can i get mackerel or what other bait could i use.
  3. Virginia
    Hey I'm in the Woodbridge/Stafford area, anyone know of a bait shop that carries live crawfish? I don't mind going to catch them myself out of a creek but just wondering if I could save the time this year. Thanks
  4. North Carolina
    Hello everybody! Longtime lurker here and have appreciated all the tips and guidance. Taking my gradeschooler from Charlotte to the coast for a day trip this weekend. May not be the best time to go with the weather drop but beats the couch and neighborhood pond. As an semi- experienced...
  5. New Jersey
    Hi, I was wondering if it is acceptable to BYOB on the Ventnor Pier? I've never fished there before and was wondering what the policy was? Or perhaps, it isn't allowed, but people do it anyway without being harassed? Also, does the pier sell bait or have any sort of snackbar? Thanks, ..Alan
  6. South Carolina/Georgia
    headin down to do some kayak luanching with my 14/o and my 6/0 on the 4th july weekend anyone been bringing anything in over 5' ? how is the bait running now?
  7. Florida
    Hey guys how is everyone. I need some advice on sheepshead. They always steal my shrimp off the hook out at pier 60 and as a result im only catching a few. When should I set the hook? Should I set it hard or just kinda pull up? Im using a 1/0 circle hook on a 30lb flcarbon litr. Also...has...
  8. Maryland/ Delaware
    Help! There is a public notice sign at the intersection of Oklahoma Rd and Mineral Hill Rd (Oakland Mill Rd) advertising a meeting to discuss building ** 41 ** houses on what appears to be Liberty Reservoir watershed property. This meeting is scheduled I believe for Monday 26 January at the...
  9. Florida
    I'm looking for anyone who could help me hone my skills and advice. And most of all friends. And, hopefully someone to fish with. Thanks guys! I've got alot to learn. I hear Jacks and Makeral are in season. And I can't seem to catch any. :fishing:
  10. Inshore Saltwater Fishing
    I'm looking for anyone who could help me hone my skills and advice. And most of all friends. And, hopefully someone to fish with. Thanks guys!
  11. The Fishing Bible
    This topic came up after a report I made so I figured I'd throw in a little lesson on how I salt baits down for year-long use...For me, it makes a box of squid, a pound of shrimp 30 spot, and about 30 blues last all year long... Salting Squid: Thaw a frozen box of squid, separate the squids and...
1-11 of 12 Results