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  1. Question: AI, bug repellent lamp?

    Maryland/ Delaware
    Last time at AI I was attacked by all kinds of biting critters. Wondering if anybody has tried any type of bug repellent torch or lamp. Off has this Power pad repellent lamp www.offprotects.com/mosquito-repeller/ anybody try this or any similar products with success ? Thanks
  2. AI Monday evening

    Maryland/ Delaware
    Don't see anyone talking about croaker so figured I'd post. Fished AI Monday from 4pm to dusk. Nothing till around 6pm. Then pretty much non stop croaker action till dark. Bloodworms and cut mullet worked equally well.
  3. Surf Report: AI Report, 08/17/08

    Maryland/ Delaware
    Went to OC over the weekend and ended up not fishing rt 50 bridge as planned but had a blast at AI on Sunday. Got to AI around 10am and it was packed. I parked near the ranger station and had to walk about 100-150 yards to find an opening to stake 3 surf rods. My little nephew used...
  4. Surf Report: AI Friday night sat am

    Maryland/ Delaware
    Fished all night friday night. Hit the beach Friday around 4 pm. Sarted out slowly with a small king or two. Then nothing until around midnight or so, when one of my shark rigs took off.....after quite the battle got a 4.5 footer onto the sand...very fat too......my wife was amazed..her first...
  5. Heading to AI

    Maryland/ Delaware
    Hannibal and I are heading out for a hell run, Friday through sometime Saturday...if you see a grey Silverado and a silver Hemi next to each other, stop in and say hello.
  6. Surf Report: Ai 8-4-08

    Maryland/ Delaware
    fished AI VA side today on the incoming tide. No fish. Not even any bites. The dolphin where thick around the outer bar, think they ran all the fish out. Only thing i saw was some guy caught a small spot. Was using FBBW and cut spot.
  7. Surf Report: AI - Monday Aug. 04, 2008

    Maryland/ Delaware
    Can you say green eyed monstors. :--| Lots of swimmers and sun bathers and flies. Caught one small brownish crab. Either way it was great to be fishing again. Wife came along for the ride and read on the beach. Saw 7 horses walking the beach. Come on fall.
  8. AI Report - Saturday July 19th

    Maryland/ Delaware
    Lots of kings and flounder. Details in the Supporter section. Sandcrab