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  1. Night Driving permits Available, Oregon Inlet OPEN!

    North Carolina
    Hey guys!! Fresh from the presses. Bodie Island spit is open for ORVs!!!!!! http://www.islandfreepress.org/2008Archives/08.29.2008-NightBeachDrivingPermit.pdf ^- That is the link to the FREE beach driving permit that must be displayed on your dashboard to stay out at night starting September...
  2. Va-Pilot weighs in again...

    North Carolina
    Pilot Opinion Piece Since when did the illegal Consent Decree leave "open the potential for tweaking the details."?
  3. Wed. National Park Subcommittee Hearing

    North Carolina
    http://energy.senate.gov/public/_files/energy073008.ram DOI fed us to the wolves. A government employee ignoring congressional acts that mandate a balance between benefits and costs of resource protection rules.:mad::--|:--|:--|:--|
  4. Something simple

    North Carolina
    but oh so necessary. The legislation to restore access at Cape Hatteras will be up for a hearing in the National Parks Subcommittee on Wed. -- PROGRESS We have a petition we would like to deliver to the committee on that date. Please take a moment to sign it. Our goal is 10,000 signatures...
  5. Letters to Congressional Committees

    North Carolina
    Joined: 14 Jun 2006 Online Status: Online Posts: 182 Topic: Letters to Congressional Committees Posted: Today at 9:35pm In addition to your specific state Representatives and Senators I urge all of you and anyone else you know to write letters to the following committee heads of the...
  6. New/improved Instructions for supporting Congressional Act.

    North Carolina
    On June 11, North Carolina U.S. Sens. Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr and U.S. Rep. Walter Jones introduced legislation into the Senate and the House of Representatives that would set aside an amendment to current resource management (consent decree) and require that the Park Service operate the...
  7. I guess birds are more important than our children

    North Carolina
  8. Now is the time for action.

    Here is a link to the NC board. http://www.pierandsurf.com/forum/showthread.php?p=418379#post418379 They are finally acting, if you have been to or ever want to go to the Outer Banks and be able to drive on the beaches, follow this link and let your congressmen and women know where you...