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  1. Saltist 20H or Abu 6500 mag elite???

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    have a decision to make all input would be appreciated Surf and pier fishing lead and bait mostly distance & durability main priorities
  2. New Abu Big Game - good reels?

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    I have found a good deal on brand new Abu Big Game 9000CT & 10000CT, the gold ones. I have an older Made-in-Sweden black Big Game 7000CL that I like very much, and have always wanted one without the level wind. What's the story on these new Big Game reels, are they any good?
  3. Abu 6500 mag knob?

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    i have a 6500ct c3 that is the Hatteras Outfitters customized version and it has a mag knob on the left side plate about 5 o'clock position. It's long more like a tournament knob and sticks out about 3/4" maybe a little more. I've been trying to find out where I could get a different knob for...
  4. abu 6600

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    i was wondering does any one up here use a abu garcia 6600 c5 magtrax mag-x i just got one and i love it it has 4 more mags installed in it
  5. Abu spool and brakes

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    I just got an Abu 6500 custom TCCF and it came with the V spool and six block brake clip .... My questions are would the V spool work better on my Blue Yonder and how about the brake clip ... the BY has the regular spool and 2 block brake clip .... the New TCCF will be used for catfishing so...
  6. Abu 6500 C3CT Blue Yonder Service

    The Fishing Bible
    Here's the way I disassemble and reassemble the Abu 6500 C3CT Blue Yonder. This is just to show you how I do it; it may not be the quickest, or the most correct, but I don't have parts left over and my reels work :) I purposefully did not get into bearing cleaning, oiling, bearing types or the...