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    PCB pier fishing

    I'll be heading to Panama City Beach in a couple weeks. I would like to try a little pier fishing, most likely from the pier near St. Andrews park.

    Any tips on equipment & preferred bait?

    Also what is catch most likely from this location?


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    A sabiki rig for live bait off the pier. Went yesterday and there were tons of King & Spanish. A few schools of Tarpon were playing around too. A 15yr old kid hooked into one for like 25 mins, then snapped the line trying to walk it to the beach.

    Equipment....if you have a 8'-9' rod with at least 15lb braid or so. I use a 9' with 20lb mono & steel leader for King.

    If you're wanting shark. St. Andrews St park pier is full of it. But it does not go our nearly as far as County and city pier.

    Let me know when you're down.



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