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    New to the site...great information. Headed to N. Topsail for the week after Labor Day with the family and plan on hitting the water in the mornings and evenings. Been taking lots of notes and will have questions closer to the date, but o so looking forward to the week off, even if I get skunked. Haven't done much surf fishing (sucessfully at least), but grew up in New Orleans so fished all my life...lived in NC for 7 years while in undergrad and Vet school @ NC State...but when in school, you have the time but no money to go to the beach! Now I have no time...Thanks again for the threads, keep them coming.

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    hey welcome to the family.

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    Welcome to P&S ,you can learn a lot here.Good luck on your next fishing trip

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    Hello and welcome!

    I just returned from North Topsail - had a great week, you should do really well in September. I spent most of my fishing time on Seaview Pier, and with the help and coaching from some new friends caught some good fish. I did hear many comment that Sept. and Oct. were great times to fish for Trout. We caught several trout in June, live shrimp was the best bait. I did through some mirrolurs - but hope you have better luck with those in Sept.

    I didn't catch much in the Surf, but did find lots of Sandfleas and heard the Pompano pick up later in the summer, might be good chance later.

    Good luck on your trip!

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    cool deal, thanks for info...btw, digging sand fleas is easy, but do you hook them in the tail? 2 years ago I tried blood worms (new experience) and market shrimp w/ no luck from the surf. This year the wife is giving me crap so the pressure's on. Thanks
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    fished no. topsail surf Sun. afternoon till dark at public access just no.of bridge.spots,sea mullet,flounder, using fresh shrimp and sand fleas with GOLD KHALE hooks on both 2 hook bottom and fish finder rigs. Mon. fished the hole just no. of Surf city pier 6 -10a.m., then pier 10-dark.,same rigs. same fish. Just missed the big pomp bite after the big downpour Sun. Really don't matter how you stick the fleas,but the fish sure like the Gold Hooks!!

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    Thanks...I'm making my list of tackle "must haves", but will wait to buy everything until I get to the beach to support the local shops. Thanks

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