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    TVA ash spill

    i just heard a quick blurb on the local news the gov. of Tn. has made a suggestion to see if coal ash sludge from power plants could be used in road construction. the only thing im thinking is they wonder if they can mix the coal ash sludge in with asphalt to pave the highways?????
    i read an article in the paper today saying ''the ash is full of arsenic and elevated levels of radioactive radium'' and ''both substances are potential carcinogens",..
    do yall think its a good idea to take toxic sludge and mix with asphalt (or however else they suggest to use this by-product) to be used to pave roads?. maybe this makes sense but sounds like spreading a problem around to me. i know asphalt is petroleum based but this kinda struck me a little strange. i hope yall can convince me otherwise.

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    I didn't hear that report today, kooler. I have a cousin who used to have a place on Chickamauga Lake, and we'd go up to Watts Bar through the locks to camp and fish. To see all those people whose property was ruined by that ash spill and the damage done to the landscape/wildlife in that area is awful. If they could put that mess to good use, that would be a good thing, but I don't know if it can be used for paving the roads or not.
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