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    Common question??

    I'm sure you guys get tired of answering this question, but I'm pretty much in the middle of the country and don't know squat about fishing in the gulf!! I've rented a house on the bay side across from Bon Secure, it has a long private pier that I hope to sit on with a pole and beer for most of the week....Can I really expect to catch anything? If so, what, and what should I be using for bait? I'm not too worried about catching anything very big (hey, I LOVE to bluegill fish!), just looking for something to catch that might be tasty. I'm also going to hang some crab traps on the pier, is it pretty easy to get those guys?

    If any of you guys decide to come to KY to hunt, I can repay the information favor. Thanks!!

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    from the situation you are describing, you could catch just about anything, from pinfish to redfish, and tarpon, it all depends on your bait, since you are on the bay side there are 2 bait standards, live shrimp rigged under a popping cork, and livelined finger mullet if you use the shrimp you can catch some good trout, and redfish, but you can also catch alot of hardheads, and pinfish if you use the finger mullet you will catch alot less trash fish and you could catch some nice redfish, trout, and flounder any of these are good eating. and yes the crabs are easy to catch with crab traps or nets, use a chicken wing or neck and remember to use gloves. hope this helps

    Tight lines and god bless



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