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    Looking for a good rod

    Howdy you all from east coast central Florida, home of Billy Bob's all you can eat pulled pork and mud wrestling emporium. (jk)

    I'm getting old(ish) and I can't toss out the 15' with all the weight and bait confidently anymore. That can seriously add up to 5oz.But that's just fine as I prefer to toss lures anyway, so I'm just going to focus on what I enjoy the most.

    I'm in need of rod a more specifically geared for tossing 1-2oz lures. I'm thinking around the 9' mark. No less though. I'm not willing to spend more than $150 though. I was looking at the Shimano East Coast series but they seem to fall a bit short in my requirement comfy zone. I've seen conflicting build specifics on em.

    Thoughts and suggestions welcome.

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    Tica UEHA TC2 UEHA427402S 9' 2 13.3 10 - 25 1/2 - 3 Mod Fast Medium

    Under $100 all over the internet.

    Other models available too.

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    Tommy has 30% off all gen 1 rods. The 1 to 4 oz, 10 foot Carolina cast pro is a rocket launcher. It's $136 at the moment.



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