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    DC, but I fish from SC to MD. Primarily saltwater, but I'm originally a freshwater fisherman from PA (Erie, Pymatuming, Raystown and all the rivers).

    Solomons area

    Did an overnight fishing trip Sat/Sun. Wasn't a bad night, catching and keeping 20+ white perch in the 8 inch range. I did manage a 17 inch, toss back, striper and I lost a big one right at the shore (small circle hook came out). It looked to be in the 25-30 inch range. I started off using nightcrawlers and blooodworms. I landed a few small spot and some ended up as cut bait (the perch where chilly to touch so I thought the water was cold for spot to still be biting). That's what some of the bigger perch and stripers bit on.

    I recently made broth out of the fish heads and bodies (youtube). Lots of health benefits to fish broth. I got the idea to make soup/chowder because I'd had some salmon and potato soup down at the wharf a few years back. It was great. Anyway, when I caught those large stripers, I decided to experiment. The broth turned out pretty good. During my search for how to make broth, various threads mentioned that any non oily fish, white fish, could be I'm going to use these perch and see how it works out.

    I've been filleting small fish lately, to avoid having to scale them in my apartment. When I went to use the frame of the stripers, I realized they hadn't been scaled since I fillet I had to scale their heads, which wasn't that easy. With these perch, I'm tempted to fillet them, but then I'm stuck with trying to clean/remove the stomach cavity and making sure their tiny heads have no scales on them....which sounds like a real pain in the culo/butt

    Anyone have a great recipe for fish broth? Also, any suggestions for cleaning and prepping small fish to be used in broth?

    Thank you
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    Way to go 'Cool Dude'! You caught you some really good eating fish.

    Here is a recipe that looks like it would taste good - based on the ingredients.

    The key to the flavor is the bay leaf, garlic, onions/leek. Add a few red pepper flakes to kick up the heat.

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    You don't need to scale the heads. You're going to strain the broth at the end. For the small filleted fish, pull out the guts and give the cavity a little scrub with stiff brush. Cook the bones with some celery, carrot, onion, garlic black pepper, and like Judy said, don't forget the bay leaves. Once it's all cooked out, strain the broth and make your chowder.



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