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    Friendly Reminder

    There are a lot of small, underslot black and red drum being caught right now. Very common after a hurricane.

    They both have a slot limit that means it must be larger than X inches and smaller than Y inches to keep.

    Red Drum 15-23" slot limit, 2 per person per day, 6 per boat.

    Black Drum 14-27" slot limit, 5 per person per day.

    Both are total length, measured with a pinched tail.

    If you can't ID a fish, don't keep it. Some people have been taking pictures of fish on ice and asking what they are. Don't be like these people.

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    i got a few puppies and trout monday and threw all back but like you say i had people catching them and asking me what they were and i told them to release them but by then they most likley didnt survive.



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