On the one evening I had to fish I decided to do some wading in a spot someone told me about. I rigged up with a popping cork, about 30" of 20lb fluorocarbon and a 3/16 oz Z-man trout eye jig. At first I was using a chartreuse gulp swimming mullet. Plenty of pups. Caught 4 or 5 little ones. I then switched to a Z-man Trout Trick in fried chicken color. I hooked two nice trout including one really nice gator sized one. Both pulled off as I was about to put my hand on them. I saw several fish chasing the z-man close to the surface and I had two violent strikes as the plastic and cork hit the water on the cast. One I missed, the other felt nice but got off before I could see what it was. I could see what I believe were good sized pups finning across the surface moving in from the sound on to the grass flats. They were out of casting range. Hopefully this hurricane doesn't screw things up too much for the fishing. I really enjoyed getting out into the sound like that and fishing on the flats.