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    Mako Skiff

    I am interested in possibly purchasing a boat in the next year or so. Something center console and not too large. I want to be able to tow it to local lakes and fish or tow it behind me to fish in the Pamlico sound and possibly around the Florida Bay/Everglades area. I've been looking at the Mako Skiffs. Either the 17 or 19. Anyone have any experience with Mako Boats? I don't want to go too crazy on bells and whistles but I want something functional. Any recommendations besides Mako that I could check into as well?


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    There are way better skiffs than mako. Ken craft bay rider, Jones brothers, southern skimmer, Carolina skiff. Or I'd personally look more for something like an old privateer or a modified v bottom. You get a dryer ride, doesn't beat you as bad in chop, and still can get in skinny water. Mako makes some good boats or made rather, I think the older ones from the 80s and earlier 90s were better constructed. Not a fan of the little skiff they sell at bass pro, but their center consoles are very capable fishing machines.

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    Thanks! I'll check them out!

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