Scarce Keeper Tog at Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, 03/24/2019
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Thread: Scarce Keeper Tog at Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, 03/24/2019

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    Scarce Keeper Tog at Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, 03/24/2019

    Sorry for the late report.

    It had been very windy whenever I tried to launch from Chicís Beach for CBBT (Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, VA) togs (Tautog or Balckfish).

    In march, I went to Chicís Beach first then went to Rudee three times because of the strong wind.
    Unlike March last year, Rudee wasnít productive at all in March this year. I caught a few undersized specks.

    On March 24, the wind finally calmed down. I launched at 7 AM to fish 3 hours around the slack tide (at 9:00 AM). The second slack tide was at around 3 PM.

    I didnít have any bites at all from the 1st SBC (small boat channel) to the First Island. Two kayakers showed up later. We didnít do well. One experienced kayaker caught few undersized togs before 11:30 AM, before the incoming tide became very strong. During the strong incoming tide under the bridge, I and the experienced kayaker took a break in the middle of the bay side of the first Island.

    We fished hard 3-4 hours around the second slack tide (at 3 PM). I picked up 1 keeper at 16Ē in 60í of water. At the same bridge pilings and the one next to it, the experienced caught 15+ small togs. I hooked 4 more small togs in 45í and 30í of water.

    The water temp at CBBT was 48 F.

    Fishing Log for CBBT and Rudee in March, 2019:


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    1st bite in 8 hours. Have to hand it to you; most wouldíve given up. Nice job.

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