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    Quote Originally Posted by BigWillJ View Post
    Take two aspirins and call me in the morning......
    Actually papa, either I'm misreading your post, or you're missing something. The reel thing was another thread, and that thread got out of hand because it went off topic. The first post in this thread was a result of somebody, who apparently has a history of posting, for lack of a better term, defamatory info about the OP of this thread. Now I'm not suggesting Jam should have handled it like he did here. And I'm not suggesting his ways and manners and presentations are the best on the internet. He is who he is. In my best judgement, the children in the group are the ones who make him the butt of their humor, and continue to (try to) demean him, I believe because they feel like Jam is making them feel like he is superior to them. Hell man, there are people all over the internet who come across in ways that make their readers feel inferior. This whole thing ranks right up there with the class nerd being harrassed and bullied, simply because there's an element of people who can't deal with the way in which they receive somebody else's knowledge. I reckon by the accusations aimed at Jam, one person acting like a child begets the rest acting like children......yeauh, that works........
    My bad! I was wrong; guess I missed the original meaning. I knew I should've just stayed out of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark H. View Post
    I think that the majority has remained silent on this issue. It seems to me that the very vocal minority are the ones happy to see him go.
    I for one don't care if he stays or go's, my main issue is the way he left. So childish to make a post like this like it will make a difference if he stays or go. The mods here are nicer here than other forums I would have deleted this thread immediately and just went on my buisness. Ps I just got another great deal on a shimano

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