real time VB fishing reports

real time VB fishing reports

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  1. AL_N_VB
    Fished Grand View Nature of the striped ones...all schoolies...16 to 24. I caught all mine on assorted Storms and Dave (reeled out) caught his on metal...ask Dave about his swimming lesson
  2. CrawFish
    Y'all heading out tomorrow? Please do tell about the swimming lession.
  3. dirtyhandslopez
    Charlotte and I are headed down tomorrow, at the crack of birdshit. Did well there this time of the year last year. Need some white steak for the fridge. Just might have to bring a beer or two along. Hopefully see someone there. Anyone need a lift from Richmond?
  4. Cdog
    Fished the rocks at Yorktown this afternoon, tide was wrong and the water temps still a lil high. Caught blues on gulp.No schoolies yet.
  5. AL_N_VB
    hit again this AM. Right around the tide change. Good to see you out Dave, why did you leave so early?

    Brought my bro-in-law...he caught 4. The A/C is still there.....I snagged 20...kept 2 for din-din ( 24 + 22 ). Best lure was the Chesapeake Bay 4 in spec trout colored shad lure. Caught 6 in a row with that color. Lost my last one when the bail closed. 2nd most productive lure was the 'treuse Ches. Bay 4in shad. Seemed like I was catching fish on every other cast. :P

    I gotta show the A/C how to catch fish and cast straight....Kenny gets the boot. Crawdaddy, thanks fer lemme fishin' the back-up rod.....hope the mojo stays strong on that rod.

    Good to see ya, Jim inVA...Didn't recognize ya w/o the 'stach....

    DHL...Hope you and Charlotte got em.
  6. CrawFish
    Well.. we went home with our limits.. and I'm not letting you borrow my good juju rod. I was trying out my custom, but the reel wasn't right.. and on top of that, got dunked.

    It was a good day out.. .. one of use caught a grand slam today with spec, schoolies, and pups. Bao got the horseshoe today.. he got 8 for the day, I only manage 4. Note to self.. get better drytops. It was like a washing machine out today..
  7. dirtyhandslopez
    Good job guys. We didn't make it. Woke up to a flat tire and expired inspection. Time to go back to bed...
  8. Shooter
    Just a quick note guys,,, the bait is on the way out of the bay so now the LIP, back bay and a little more south ought to be lighting up,,, I have a bait fairy that checks it for me,,, I did hit the Point this weekend and seems my string for Pups is still on a roll
  9. JimInVA
    Friday Afternoon - Dave's headed back out to the GNP this afternoon with his new reel. We left early on Sunday because he dropped his rod when a wave bowled him over. He then had to kick about until he connected his boot with his rod/reel. After that, it wasn't working correctly and he was ready to go. Hence the quick and early departure.
  10. AL_N_VB
    going back at it again this weekend...hoping the cold front kept them chewing..
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