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NYC Fishless
10-25-2010, 02:06 AM
Fished the incoming and part of the outgoing tide. Water was clean, but too calm. Figured that if there were any fish around they would be where the white water was, which was at the points of jetties. First jetty nothing on a black plug. Second jetty decided to switch to a 3oz bunker colored wood plug from greenpoint tackle. Casted it out and retrieved it slow...the plug's tail has a great side-to-side kick to it. second cast and this guy slams it. Was scrambling to find a safe place on the jetty to pull it in....wished I had my boga grip with me (doh). Some how managed to lip the fish when it came closer in on a wave. Took a quick photo and off it went. ~38". Nothing else for the next couple hours.