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06-08-2009, 12:50 AM
Hello everyone!

Here is a piece of the report I posted last year from my annual pilgramage to the desert oceans of Corolla, NC...

...Just wanted to make good on my promise to post a report on my week in Corolla.

I basically kayaked bait out anywhere from 200 to 300 yards from the shore and let it soak all day while I was on the beach.

I started out using full clams on a high/low rig with 12oz of lead to hold bottom.
Eventually I switched over to live croaker and kingfish on a fish finder rig...
hello all!

...Long story short, the week was basically a mixed batch of croakers, small flounder, taylor blues, and plenty of kingfish... all of high/low rigs in the wash...

I'm happy to report that I will be heading back in 3 weeks for our fourth annual OBX vacation.:D:D:)

I plan on utalizing the same methods (yakking out bait), but this time I plan on adding some chum in the mix.
I need to come up with a way to get the chum slick coming from the exact location I drop my bait.

So far, here is my plan:

1. Tie a few rigs up (hook with leader and swivelhead) and pre hook them into whatever cut bait I choose.
2. Put the pre tied rig with bait into plastice tupperware containers and pour the chum around it.
3. Freeze the whole thing up.

...When its time to fish I will remove the frozen chum rig from the freezer and tie it to my line.

...I'll slid the tupperware from the rig, and theoretically I'll be able to yak the frozen block of chum out with my bait encased inside.

Does anybody have any ideas/suggestions on this topic?

I want the chum slick to come from the exact spot I dump my bait, and simply pouring chum over the side of the yak will not achieve this.


rain maker
06-08-2009, 01:30 AM
what happens if you get bit while your hook is still incased in ice? Maybe you could use some type of netting like the bags that oranges come in.pour your chum/oil into an old icecube tray and freeze. Pop one out, put it in the little bag,secure it shut with some fishing line or whatever and put it back in the freezer til your ready to rig up. Just my 2 cents.:p

06-08-2009, 02:13 PM
Do you use sand bags as weights? Chumming is not really necessary. The use of big fresh baits right before the outgoing tide will do the trick. The smaller sharks and fish will take cookie size bites from the big bait and will make the blood and oil from the bait disperse in good amounts. By big baits I mean (if legal in your state) 10 to 20 pound amberjacks, dolphin fish, Jacks, Bonitos, etc...

If you decide to use chum far from the beach and do it right before the start of the outgoing tide ( the tide will carry the scent where you need it). You can tie the chum to your sand bag or brick (using some kind of thin rope that will rot in the water, we do not want to pollute the seas). Personally do not use chum, just don't need it.

I hope that helped a little, others may think differently.

06-08-2009, 03:08 PM
Why not just hook thje chum bag to the yak and anchor up and fish

06-08-2009, 04:50 PM
What are you gonna be fishing for?

06-08-2009, 05:30 PM
I understood that he might be fishing for sharks since he used king fish for bait.

06-08-2009, 06:09 PM
I'm gonna be using cut bait for the majority of the time, however I might decide to liveline some croaker and kings.
As in the past I'm hoping for a cobia but a shark sounds all the good.

So far here is my thinking:

When I yak the bait out, I usually drop it down w/ 12oz wieght.
However when I release it from the side of my yak it seems like it dosen't exactly go strait down.
It actually looks like it gets pulled away in whatever direction the tension on my line is directing it until it settles on the bottom somewhere:confused:.

...For this reason I don't think dropping the chum weighted to something (like a brick) will do the job because theres no telling if its gonna be near where I dropped the rig.
However if I stop being lazy and anchor up and fish it will work perfect;)
Nontheless its something I might consider. thanks!

I really like the Idea of attaching a mesh bag somewhere higher up on my leader.

...I could freeze the chum and load it into the bag before I yak the bait out.
This way I think I'll be confident that as the chum melts away, the slick will lead directly back to my baited hook.
Its also a hell ofalot lot easier than the idea I had before:).


ps I'm probably thinking way to much into this

jim of york
06-08-2009, 06:59 PM
You can try tupperware method directly on your steel leader above the live bait. 3 day process to make though. put 3-4ft steal leader through a small hole in your tupperware container and marine grade rtv the hole closed. Let sit until it is cured. Pour chum/ in tupperware/bucket and freeze. use when ready by pulling leader back through hole in bucket. Add extra weight as necessary to hold in place when fishing. can tie an orange bag to leader to help hold frozen chum in place on the leader. make sure leader is heavy enough in weight for what you think you might catch. Good Luck!!!!!!

06-08-2009, 09:09 PM
I understood that he might be fishing for sharks since he used king fish for bait.

The King Fish he caught in the surf is not what you call a King Fish. It's a whiting, sea mullett, or roundhead. Up north they call them Kingfish.

06-08-2009, 09:25 PM
just a tought what if youre bait gets picked away by bait stealers and youre chuming with empty hook youll have no way to know it so thats kinda like fishin on credit aint it

pogey moe
06-08-2009, 09:54 PM
let me give you a tip that has always worked.SOME WILL LAUGH BUT TRUST ME ON THIS!!

i put my chum in a mesh sack.i add weight.i tie 20llb test to the sack and the other end to a 2 litter bottle.that allows me to know and keep up with exactly where my baits/chum are.simply paddle out 2or how ever many times!!you will always know where your chum spot is!

heres my secret ---i grind mullet or menhaden.i add a bag of flour to the mix.it turns the area white and i always get hits/runs. i did that originally to hold and carry scent slower in the water.is it the white or a combo of whiteAND scent???i dont know-----try it youll thank me.good luck!let us know how it goes!

06-09-2009, 10:56 AM
The King Fish he caught in the surf is not what you call a King Fish. It's a whiting, sea mullett, or roundhead. Up north they call them Kingfish.

LOL, you know, I thought about that later.

The 2 liter bottle is a great choice. Down here I have seeing people use 5 gallon buckets holes cut in them just at the bottom, makes them float and the chum disperses greatly. They use a rope and heavy bricks. For the rope they use almost double the amount of the depth (helps make the bucket visible and float without dragging the bricks). But then again this is used when they fish one or two days straight. In the chum they mix menhaden oil, they freeze it and just place it in the bucket).

The mesh will work too, but toothy critters might just cut you off.

06-09-2009, 01:08 PM
Heres a thought. Though most of the sharks you'll probably attract will be small, do you really want chum tied up close to the yak IF something bigger does come a sniffin? Brings to mind the guy down at the point that had trout on a stringer. he had waided quite a ways out. found a hungry shark knawing on his trout....dude probably walked on water.

06-09-2009, 01:38 PM
Hey Fender,
nice to see another bait yaker out there sharkin. Not a lot of us this far north.

I have taken a 1 quart milk carton. The paper based ones, not plastic. Fill it with pogie oil. Attach to cinder block/very close to the cinder block. Take ice pick, poke hole in top, poke hole in bottom. You now have a slow "drip" rising to the surface through the water column. On nice days, I love to see that slick. Now you are not putting "food" in the water, so they keep looking for something to eat and will track down your bait which you can easily place in your slick because you can see it.
Give it a whirl.

06-09-2009, 06:29 PM
Great suggestions, thanks a lot!

I'll be down from 6/28 - 7/4.
I'll be sure to post pictures of my final rig
and report on the fishing as well.

I have a good vision in mind inspired by a few of your suggestions so we'll see how it turns out.
thanks again