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03-12-2008, 07:52 PM
hey guys,
Wanted to get a new topic up for thought. Since this place is the fountain of knowledge, and I fish at a beach south of the big spillout of the cape fear (oki), I though we could talk about salinity levels. Ocean crest pier buoy always has a salinity measurement. Since I check tides, temps, and pressures all day. I've started to notice the salty levels of the buoy. Of course after a big rainfall upstream the level goes down, but how does this impact the fishing. Aspects such as species tolerance, water clarity, debris matter, flushed out bait, and current, are certain to have a result on the conditions. Please get your $.02 up there and if your lucky, I might just have change. Thanks

Ryan Y
03-12-2008, 11:13 PM
I think is yes, but one could very well argue over specifics.

Here is a thought, Sutton Lake out on 421 is freshwater (Not Brackish), it's known as a trophy lake for bass and big catcfish and crappie are regulary caught out of thier as well as the occasional big flounder. (Ive seen this for myself.)

It was once a creek on the Cape Fear long ago so this wwould explin it.

It never fails that certain species of fish are caught further up in the river during longer periods of no rain. This past year was a great example I think.
Now, how well they affect fishing in the ocean, I dont know, maybe someone from NOAA or someone with some other smarts can chime in.

03-13-2008, 12:06 AM
Yeah this past year was crazy with the salinity levels being that high so far up river. Heard they were catching trout and castnetting live shrimp up around Castle Hayne this past fall and winter. The drought conditions also kept the inshore waters extremely clear around the coast. I'm guessing the salinity levels were higher too. Might explain why we had such a strong run of kings along our coast this past fall. Who knows.

Another reason i think sutton lake has flounder in it is because of the cape fear river intake over on lake 4 or 5 (forget which) . I'm guessing a few flounder come in through there.

Might take the kayak out there one day soon for some bucketmouth action. It's a short paddle to some good fishin right now. Hell, might even stay after dark and tug on a flathead. You ought to grab Clyde's yak and come join.