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02-28-2008, 08:52 PM
Hey guys! My paycheck this week is going to suck, oh well, got some beach time in. Got done early today and cruised up to Oregon Inlet to look around, maybe fish some (it was SO cold), and to get the skinny on being a mate. Apparently, getting a job on a good boat is going to take a lot of effort, time, grit, and labor, but oh it will be worth it!

Anyways, I walked up the catwalks and threw a spoon around the pilings for a few minutes, then called it quits (so cold/windy). I found myself wandering around this old abondoned house or hotel for about an hour right beside the bridge. I found out later it was the old Coastie station. That place was wild, huge barbed wire fence 14 feet high on one side, then walk to the other and the dunes crept right over it. It was completely surreal.

After messin around and eating some chinese, I went to Billy Mitchell to use some of the cloudy eyed mullet I'd bought at OI fishing center just to make them happy. I settled in with 2 rods and the usual, 5 oz and bait on double rigs, bunker/mullet. Wind blowing good out of the NW, wasn't too hard on me though. I threw a Gulp! shrimp and hopkins spoon in the surf too, nothing. The sun went down after I changed baits a few times, and got pretty chilly, so I bagged it up and came back. So another day with no fish. Lol, nobody will hire me as a mate if I keep this up! Oh well, I think today I was the only person out there fishing.

However, I did spend some time figuring out what the heck an "outsuck" is, and it seems very similar to a rip current. So basically I taught myself all afternoon how to spot holes and outsucks, and it paid off hopefully. I just looked for places that look dumb to swim in, haha. I'm going to mark these big holes with GPS and come back to them when it gets warm.:fishing:

02-28-2008, 09:21 PM
JM - I know it didn't seem to be a real productive day but what you learned today is gonna result in some serious fish catch'n. Keep at it. Us out of towners need all the inside skinny we can get. :D

aka Sea Terp

02-28-2008, 10:27 PM
you made a big step today for the future of your fishing ..... to me reading the water is probably the most important element to catching to regularly ... the holes, outsucks, cuts can change so be sure to make sure it's there ..... just don't lock in .... marking it is the smart thing though ......

Warmer water is coming ..... keep building your skills ..... reading the beach is easiest at low tide

good Luck with getting on as a Mate

02-29-2008, 06:37 AM
Mike,gettin on at OI is going to be tough.. Most of the mates have been with thier captians for a couple of yrs anyway.. Best way to do it is to put your name out there as a standby or substitute when one of the mates goes on vacation or is bad sick.. The mates are about as tough as the captians,if they're worth thier salt,cause they don't get sick often..

Ole coast guard station has always been a cool spot... Used to castnet some nice cob mullets out of the basin there.. Believe it or not there were many drum caught in the springtime,when you could drive on Pea Island,right there off that s point of OI..

Sounds like you've got some of the beach reading skills you'll need when it gets primetime,that will come in handy..