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06-30-2003, 06:13 PM
I took an extended weekend in Avon. Got into alot of snapper blues just north in the dredge slough, nothing big...but lots of fun. Had a lizard fish swim right at me and then he veered off...I thought at the rate he was moving he was going to jump in my stripping basket. Fished off the beach Sunday evening...saw a small, small shark get tossed back...lots of bent poles hooking up to skate, some small blues and spot. Bite started about an hour before dark and was over the moment the sun went down...then the bug bite turned on. Holeee %$&#! Used that new stuff from 3M, Ultrathon, and it works really well. Best thing is you don't have to keep applying it. But it just does't do the job in the back water area...Repel 100 is stil the stuff for me when I fish there.