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09-25-2006, 03:20 PM
I went to Fort Fisher Saturday. I met up with a "buddy" and his friend in Benson (they are staying in Rockmount while working a job. They are from Pa.) they showed-up 45 min. LATE. The whole way down all I heard was how many fish they have caught, how many times they've surf fished, etc... Should have known then......can you say BS!! But hey, I thought I'd give them the benefit of the doubt, and I wanted to go fishing.

We got down there, went to the bait and tackle shop in Carolina Beach and got bait, mullet and shrimp. We got to the Fort before 8am., got out on the beach, I found a little structure and got to the task of getting them started. Yes; it was a task.

After cutting the bait I got my already ransacked tackle bag opened to try to "now" find a rig. I got the bag straightened up and got my rod rigged, baited, and spiked. I get back up to the truck (about 15 yards away) to find no more cut bait in an opened cooler, and the "pro" walking back to the water. So I cut more bait, put it back in the cooler (closing it), and close the back glass that my "buddy" had just left open. This went on for most of the day. Close the cooler, close the back glass, close the door, pick up the rod laying in the sand (my rod they used), cut bait, take the bottom rigs and hooks out of my sinker box, etc....

I had started to finish getting all of the bait ready (cleaned and cut, put into seporate containers and in the cooler) so when the tide come back in I wasn't cutting stuck bait. After all....I wanted to fish. Then I find out the "pro" had broken my rod, a 10' spinning rod I had used since I was 17....when I built it, and had moved on to another rod. I asked how it happened....."I don't know, it did it when I was casting." I looked at the rig that was now in the SINKRER BOX and found two 5oz. sinkers on it. I asked why two sinkers...."to get farther out, why?" I told him the rod was only rated for 2 to 4 oz.s He said "so why did it break?" I didn't loose it though, I wanted to but I didn't. I did tell him if the rod he had in his hands got broke.......he WOULD be buying it. After that the care in which he gave my 10 1/2 custom casting stick was unpresadented. I think having the fillet knive in hand when I mad the statement helped to get the "point" across.

We move down the beach and I find a PRETTY hole. Here is this break in the sandbar about 20 yards wide opening up into a hole about 3' deep. Not bad now, but it should be great when the tides comes in. I get a spike put in the sand and get my 8nbait baited. I cast just to the outside edge of the sandbar just where it dropped off and on the up current side of the hole. Then I got my bottom rig rod out and baited it, started for the water.....when I hear "do you think we can go to the store....we need some more beer and smokes....oh yeh and your out of Pepsi" --I had brought enough drinks (Pepsi and water) and food for myself. The arrangements were you bring what you are going to eat and drink. We split bait and gas. Didn't seem to be that hard to understand......not to me anyway.-- Of course when we got back, there was some one pulling in a slot sized puppy drum from the hole.

We went on down the beach....when the "pro" said "let try this spot, it likes like a nice hole, see how there's no waves". Trying to remain calm, I stopped an looked. I wanted to tell him that there were no waves because it was a flat that was about 20 yards wide and 30 to 40 yards out, and the water was only about 18" deep. BUT I didn't. There was some deeper water out at the end of the flat.....and I could see the spot I wanted to fish, if the other guy left. I got out my bottom rig rod baited and waded out waist deep and cast out (up the beach on the out side of the sandbar). After a few minutes I looked over to see what the twins were doing. They were both spiked and up by the truck slap-boxing. I looked at the rods, followed the lines down to notice one of the swivels on the top of the rig out of the water. Just a few seconds or so later I got hooked up. Doubled up on spot. Got baited up and went back in, again doubled up on spot. Only this time when I went back in I had company, so close I told the "pro" to duck so I could cast.

Shortly after, the tide started to come in and put the spot-spot out of reach. I put my rig on the truck and stood there a few minutes. They both asked " what"

I said "lets go."

" mean home?"

"NO STUPIDS! That guy just left the hole you wanted me to leave."

We got there and within minutes started hooking up. Croaker, spot, whiting, blues, two small pups, and after dark some nice biters (6 of them between 3 and 5' ).

A little bit later (an hour or so) the "pro" says to me "WOW, this sure is a better spot then where we were." I just gave him a blank stare a piece of bait, and tried to not want to gut him with my fillet knife. After the tide stopped coming in the "bite" slowed a bit, and I told them to load up. Not saying it out loud... I had had enough of their mouths, and was ready to head to the house. I figured if I left then I could have breakfast ready when my wife and two little-one got up.

I drove back to Benson, woke them up, and said "Good bye" and meant it. I finish the 5 hour drive (from the Fort to my House...5 hrs.) in complete silence. Except for the wind coming in the window.

Why do I tell you all this......? To give you a warning........NOT JUST ANY FISHING PARTNER WILL DO!!!

I have to laugh now.....or I'll end up in jail.:p

tight lines

09-25-2006, 03:31 PM
I'm sorry, but I don't think I could remain that calm after someone broke one of my rods...especially one I had been using for that long :eek: . I've got a 12 footer that I've had since I was 15 and if somebody broke it I'd have to kill them and use'm for bait :cool: .

09-25-2006, 03:47 PM

You should have gave me a call. We were there. Except we caught 1 blue all day. Had a blast shooting the $hit.

We could have cut your problems up for bait. We left around 6:00pm.

Glad you caught fish. Sorry about the a$$e$ you fished with.


09-25-2006, 03:50 PM
I'm sorry, but I don't think I could remain that calm after someone broke one of my rods...especially one I had been using for that long :eek: . I've got a 12 footer that I've had since I was 15 and if somebody broke it I'd have to kill them and use'm for bait :cool: .

Just remember any fish caught while using mammals for bait or chum will not be considered for any IFGA records. Anyway a tough lessoned learned but I guess everyone deserves one chance to go fishing. I am still always selective as to which rod I hand them though.


09-25-2006, 04:09 PM
I use to gripe about fishing alone.....
"no one wants to go, they all backed out, they have to work, etc...."
Not anymore, not after this last weekend..

Finger mullet....
I thought about calling. I have a who's who list of numbers I take with me....but had left it at home. I'm not sure if I got your # or not, but I'm sure some one on there did....
I let you know before I go down again though.

tight lines

Jesse Lockowitz
09-25-2006, 04:36 PM
good fishing buddies are definately good to have.

If u go with one person, and u need a weight, and they have one, a buddy will give you one. if they need something, and you have it, you'll give them one

Right steve? Mac? MATT(aka tihStaF)


09-25-2006, 06:11 PM
I have to agree with Jesse. Thanks Danny.

I end up not having anything with me so I bum it off of him. Sometimes he gets it back, other times it goes toward China with no line attached.
Sorry Danny!!

But I return the favor of not laughing when he blows his reel up or drops his sunglasses off the pier. Well, I sit there and watched them blow off and did nothing to stop them. Sorry Danny. Then I laughed about it. Real sorry Danny.

Danny returning the favor: I lost my sunglasses a week or so ago and have been too lazy to go buy a pair. We were fishing last Saturday at Ft Fisher and I could not stand it anymore. I went back to the house and found a pair. I stuck them in my pocket and back to the beach I went. It turned out to be womens glasses. Danny and Bill did not give me a hard time. I figured a picture would show up here by now.

It is great having someone to fish with!! Everyone I have met from P&S have been outstanding folks. Wonderfull to fish with.

Paully you should try to come down the last week in October. There will be several from P&S fishing that weekend. We fish strictly for money all day on Saturday. The winner gets bragging rights for a year or more.

Redhorse is bringing a small party with him and we are going to have fried finger mullet sandwiches along with other stuff you would never think about eating. I will leave the cooking to RH.

Excellent report and congrats on the fish you caught.


Ryan Y
09-25-2006, 07:41 PM
You guys hit the nail on the head about fishing buddies. Maybe one day Kramer and me will get all our tackle back from Jose:D. Then again, his family might have to starve for a week or two, and his wife would be mad that he blistered a credit card. (JJ Jose).
Anyhow, the guys we've been fishing with on the beach this year have been pretty good. I must say, I think I've been lucky to have fished with the people whom I've fished with (and met) the past few years! Everyone has been top notch!

09-25-2006, 08:40 PM
They are great as they are fishermen or at least will help out and listen to someone who sort of is a fisherman.:D Sometimes they will even return a pretty red drum tackle complete with a BUNCH of pretty red line and a 3oz sinker that used to be on a 525 but wound up on a SHV30 instead.


Darin, you want it back?

09-26-2006, 10:13 AM

What did I do, drive it in the side of your jeep??
Or Did you hook up with a 50 inch drum right after me and Danny left with my pretty drum rig in her mouth?? I bet that is what happened.

Bill, since you are taking care of the Squidder you can have it. After all I fished all day Saturday with your frozen finger mullet. I know you were saving them for dinner on Sunday.
I hope you didn;t go too hungry.