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07-20-2006, 02:23 AM
coming down this weekend. Trying to fish the catwalk pillings. Is there a specific way to walk down from the catwalk to the pilings.

07-20-2006, 08:23 AM
yeah......jump.....but good luck getting back up:D

07-20-2006, 10:19 AM
between the catwalk and the main body of the bridge is a "crack" where people crawl through to get down to the pilings. I have never tried it, but if you watch you will see plenty of people go down there.

07-20-2006, 10:21 AM
There are small spaces between the bridge and the catwalk that you can squeeze between and reach the pilings, unless of course you're a big dude like me. Good luck...

07-20-2006, 10:18 PM
are there ladders or steps??? how do you get back up???

07-21-2006, 08:35 AM
Well, you just kinda pull yourself up. I don't believe it's too high from the bridge. You know how the bridge sorta hangs a little over the catwalk? Well, underneath that overhang, at the very back of the wall, you'll see the space. You've gotta crawl down in there and drop to the piling. It isn't far at all, BUT man, bring the bug repellant. If it's bad on the bridge, it's gotta be worse down there because the lights people bring to hang over the water are right in your face and that means biting fly galore. Shoot, I'll take mosquitoes any day over them. When you're done, I believe it's a simple matter of pulling yourself up. Good luck out there and BE CAREFUL...

Tight Lines...

07-21-2006, 08:57 AM
if you fall in on a moving tide....dont panic, just try to float and eventually you will float out of the current , unless the tide is like it was a couple weeks ago....then you're dead:D

Surf Fish
07-21-2006, 04:05 PM
Do they still catch a lot of trout under the lights off the bridge at night? Been years since I've been up there....

07-21-2006, 08:41 PM
thanx for the help