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07-05-2006, 03:28 PM
Well I finally got out for my 2nd fishing trip of the year, a whole four days on the Kitty Hawk Beach. I had two of my sons with me and we set up Saturday am for some serious fishing. Littlest Wilber started us out with a couple baby Flounder, then a school of fat backs came through with Bluefish under them and middle Wilber caught a few. That was Saturday with a nice East breeze, then the wind turned out of the West and someone turned up thre temp to about 100 degrees and the fishing slammed shut. The only hole between Avalon and Southern Shores was right down from us and it produced some more small Flounders at low tide and even one Puppy. I didn't catch the Pup, but I talked to the guy that did, here's the conversation, W< How's fishin, other guy, pretty good small Flounders and a 30 lb Drum, W, Dang a 30lber how long was it? other guy, 26inch. I guess he was a little excited.
In the middle of the heat wave on Monday afternoon, while hidding in the shade at the Ritz middle Wilber and I found the water ballon sling shot, now here was an idea with some potential. We planned an attack on one of my fishing buddies. Middle Wilber and I along with some covert help from an unnamed friend manned the launcher with a full bucket of ammo, Mrs. Wilber and Littlest Willber took up a flanking postion with water guns. The ensueing battle was glorious, Wilber's Raiders dealt a deadly hail of H2O from all directions and emerged victorious.
As you can tell fishing was a little slow, but I still managed a great time with my Kids. Remember, a back up plan is a good thing when fishing with kids.

07-05-2006, 04:35 PM
Alternate plan indeed. Great plan and report Wilber. Now, what would have been great was to have a bucket of ice water and dump in on someone....or ice water squirt guns...I'm sure the family and friends had a blast :D (no pun intended) ;) Us kids need changes of pace... ;)