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06-18-2006, 11:41 AM
Buddy wanted to go jug fishing with me cause he aint been in 10years, so I say surrrrrrrre :rolleyes: and think great, its Saturday night, and Father's Day weekend...what a time to be on the lake:--| we get down to the dock where my pontoon is and catch 25 bream or so for bait and head out. Cut the bream up and baited the jugs and through em out....20 fit perfectly in a milk carton (20oz bottles) so I grabbed two crates=40 jugs.....and come to find out 5 were defected that I hadnt fixed lasttime.......

Well we got em all out shortly before dark, and anchored up near by to fish with rod n reels and keep an eye to make sure nobody messes with em....just had got the last rod in the water right before dark I catch a glimpse of a bottle turning upward...FISH ON!....well after looking up and down the line we set, I see 2 more fish on, and they havent soaked 20min! we reel back in, pull up anchor and go for it......checked all 35 first time around and come to find out we had 8!...dang a descent night generally produces only 8 and here we are just an hour into and have that........well we check and rebaited repositioned em as needed and wind dictated...

didnt even have a chance to put another rod in the water the rest of the night until about 3am, but were too tired to even fool with it then....we sat near the set the whole night and glanced occasionally with the spotlight and seems like we always had one on.... Got to one jug and it went under and stayed under a while, chased it probably 5 min....well I got into position to follow it and try to grab the jug and land the fish and it goes under and stays under about 3 swimming steadily with the jug about 3ft under the water and here i am with a spotlight and a net and cant do anything.....finally deside to try to get closer and use the net to snag the jug underwater to get it close enough to the surface to grab the jug and land the fish....move in a little closer and it dissapeared into the depths and stayed probably 30seconds.....came back up empty handed, hook pulled! #@%*@* Ive jugged enuff to know it was a helluva fish! :mad: :--| :eek: :(

To make a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng story only lonnng....we finally settled down on the pontoon about 5am and woke up around 5:30-5:45 at daylight to go pick em up and head home......

Shoulda had 33, pulled 3 off swinging in the boat (duh use the net ALL the time) and the one that came off during the chase....not to mention numerous jugs found the next morning in odd, out of the way places, with no bait....

Final tallie was 29catfish...biggest was weight was great quality but good quantity.

06-18-2006, 07:12 PM
Nice pics,good story,they'll eat good I'm sure..

06-18-2006, 09:11 PM
sounds like a fun trip there treed ....was thinking of hitting the state park with some jugs here sometime soon might go a little sooner now ....good catch :cool:

06-18-2006, 11:44 PM
Thanks DD and DD lol....well DD I didnt need the fish cause the freezer is full and my buddy wanted to go, I know a guy that provides for the local restaraunt here so we'll just say that my gas and expenses were paid for and I still came out ahead. I generally give all mine away now if I keep em. Half the time I dont keep em when I rod and reel fish but, I love jug fishin and have fun doing it, but the effort makes throwin em back a little harder then, so I usually find somebody that wants some if I go.

Dobbler, we werent far from the state park. Between the northern most part of the state park, and the no wake bouys going into that ritzy island they bridged across to the other year. Iredell side of the channel except the occasional fish that took it for a ride across the other side of the lake and some of the bigger islands. I dont tell many people this cause I like the spot too much, but the small island with the little powerline going across it, right above the state park on the iredell side...if you beach the boat of the north end, and throw back towards the main channel, there are good fish to be had. Never done good with cutbait there but thats an awesome spot for livebait fishin. Caught, and lost some nice ones there on rod and reel before, and lost that good one about 50yards north of that island lastnight, and know thats where he bit at because we hadnt had that jug thrown out and rebaited after takin a smaller fish off of it but for 5min, saw it on the way back up to anchor and wait again lol