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06-01-2006, 12:54 PM
I just returned from my Memorial Day trip to Bogue Inlet Pier. It is sad to see that this pier could possibly fall victim to the developers. The pier staff, aside from one person, is fantastic, especially the folks making sure the king rig section is properly organized. Special thanks to Danny Glover, Bill, and Mac for gaffing my fathers cobia (41.7 lbs... his second NC cobia citation) and everyone eles for their help (the fish was a team effort!) I will put the pciture up here as soon as BIP updates their website. Here is each day's report:

Saturday 6:00AM-3:00PM: Heavy southwest winds and thunderstorms created heavy surf and extremely muddy water. I set up a pin rig and went about attempting to catch bait w/ a gotcha plug. Sadly, the water was so dirty that I went most of the morning without bait. Bottom fishermen were catching small numbers of spot, pinfish, and black drum, and I was able to put a pinfish on my rig with little hope. At 3:00PM I left to check into my hotel with a big skunker on the board.

Sunday: The previous evening wind had turned into a gentle southeast breeze, clearing the water significantly. The end of the pier was jam packed with king rigs by 7:00AM (30 rigs were set up). Bait was much easier to come by with the clearer water, as bluefish up to 2 pounds were plentiful with occasional Spanish Mackeral. I landed around 20 blues, and one spanish that measured out at 17 inches. We filled our bait buckets and waiting for action, but despite clear water, none of the king rigs went off. The bluefish run ended at around 10:00AM with very sporadic catches the rest of the day. Several smaller cobia were seen following rays around the pier, but no strikes on large bucktails or king rigs.

Monday: Memorial Day brought a smaller number of king rigs (around 20). Winds were still out of the southeast, and the water was crystal clear, but bait was much tougher to come by. We were able to catch/bum 4 blues (one for each rig, and 2 for the buckets) and sat back waiting for a big rig to go. Around 2:30PM, a king rig went off, but it was just a large Hatteras/Chopper bluefish (probably around a 10-12lber) that was broken off under the pier. Around 6:30PM, a spanish run went off with around 25-30 caught in an hour and lots of strikes/missed fish. I decked two spanish...both were small (14 inches), as were most of the ones that were landed. A 24 inch cobia was also landed on a gotcha plug.

Tuesday: The 5:30 AM bluefish run was a little better. We maxed out on bait sized blues and shared some more with late arrivers on the king deck. Besides my father and I, the rigs all belonged to people who were "regulars" that I have seen many times over the last two years. The morning bluefish run slowed around 9:30PM, with sporadic catches throughout the day on gotchas, almost all were on incoming tide. Around 1:00PM a pod of chopper blues was spotted, but no strikes. A short time later, a fish that was identified as a "shark" struck at a menhaden that was out. Another fish was spoted chewing another bait... someone yelled "shark" and the lady pulled her bait out of the water. The mystery fish moved over to the middle and struck my fathers bluefish.... COBIA!!! The cobia did not make a normal run, instead it criss crossed back and forth through the king rigs until it was gaffed after about 10 minutes of spirited teamwork moving rods and passing the fighting rod from person to person. The cobia weighed in at 41 pounds 7 oz on the pier scales, and 41.1 at the Swansboro marina for my dad's second NC cobia citation. The evening did not bring anymore king rig strikes, but 3 24-28 inch cobia were landed on gotcha plugs along with a small number of Spanish Mackeral in the evening.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out on the trip!

Jonathan French

06-01-2006, 01:28 PM
more cobes on gotchas.... i believe these tourist know how to truly fish for cobia... hell, im going south with as many gotchas as i can fit in my box and then some..... here cobia , cobia ,cobia:D

06-01-2006, 03:33 PM
here is the Cobia

06-01-2006, 03:34 PM
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06-03-2006, 08:53 PM
Nice report ....I'm ready for some spanish macks and blues

06-04-2006, 03:16 PM
Nice fish!!!! Congrats to your dad> Sounds like ya had a great trip.

06-05-2006, 09:56 AM
It was a good time.... besides the cobia things were a little slower than they usually have been for me down there. (In past trips, I failed to get a hook up on the king rig outside of big blues, but the gotcha action was basically catch fish till you were tired of catching fish and hope some spanish were mixed in)

I noticed today that the BIP website has not been updated since they put up my dad's fish on thursday. They must be really slow, which sucks because I was going to make a day trip this weekend and then fish saturday and sunday the weekend of the 17th before my first OBX pier run in July.