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10-12-2005, 08:02 AM
Hey Guys, First Time On This Board. After Reading The Drum Bite Post I Wanted To Put My Two Cents In. I Always Make The Trip Down In Oct For The Reds. I Fished From The 1st Thru The 8th This Year. Have For The Past Few Years. The First Day I Meet A Guy On The Pier Fishing Crabs On A Big Gold Reel. He Helped Me Net A Big Red In About A 30mph Head Win, Wasn't Easy. Then I Had Two Break Me Off My 45lb Store Bought Leaders. This Same Guy Came Over And Showed Me How To Tie A Milan Wire 80lb Leader, And Where To Get It. No More Break Offs The Rest Of The Week. I Landed 9 More Reds, What A Blast. But That Is Why I Drive 800 Miles About 3 Times A Year. I Fished Frome 6am Till 6pm Everyday. Saw This Guy Out There 4 Days. He Would Come Out At About 4:30pm Or 5pm Each Evining With His Crabs. Helped Him Net I Think About Five Reds While I Was There. I Would Go Out On The Pier About 11pm To Ck It Out, He Would Always Be Ther. I Know When He Could Throw Out About 3 Or 4 Times Futher Than I Could, Man He Could Throw Them Crabs. I Use A 6500 Baitrunner. I Want To Thank Him For All Of The Help And Info This Guy Provided To Me. Always Knew The Locals Were Willing To Share There. Super Fisherman And Guy. After Getting Back And Reading The Post I Found Out That I Had Been Fishing With Clinder. Clinder Thanks A Bunch. I Know First Hand That Catch Reds And Chunk A Crab, Willing To Help Rookies Like Me, Clinder You Made My Trip A Lot Better. Shade12