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07-09-2005, 05:03 AM
Unless otherwise amended in both the Senate and House final versions the " Pier Blanket License" fees of $ 4 per foot will place an un-equalled burden upon both Piers and the General Public who fish from them. No other State places such a punitive implementaive cost upon land based businesses or patrons. Suggested Fee's for Recreational Piers should be balanced somewhere with-in the same Blanket License costs Formula's for determining the Fee's for Headboats and Proffesionally Chartered Sport or Guide Boat Operations. Or simply a formula based on the impacts of angling pressure placed upon the fisheries and natural environment by each operation. Not length. There is absolutely no docummented explanation given by legislatores for the $ 4 per foot license cost for this Pier Blanket License provision as they have implied by suggesting it. Pier anglers nor Pier Operators can motor themselves towards saltwater structure who's cost are supplemented by all anglers including those who may never use them. Pier anglers have no means increasing a daily catch by finding, reefs, clearier water, tidelines and temperture breaks. It's impossible to place themselves in a situation with-in the natural resource using fish finders and color scopes to better the opportunity. Marine Radios are excluded from neccessity as a means to join others who have successfully found and targeted schooling fish. These certainly means by which greater pressure is placed upon the offerings of our states saltwater fisheries. The proposed intent to fish from mobile stations or boats is too better serve ones chances of catching tablefare or sporting opportunities. Headboats, Charter Boats, and Guide Boats are in business and survive by placing customers in an advantages position while doing so. Their customers don't pay to go fishing, they expect to catch. These operators offer what the paying consumer wants and these businesses deserve to survive in the market place. They should'nt be over burdened with excessive license costs either. Pier operators respect that and promote their exsistance as well among all the other privately owned related Consumer Recreational enterprises with-in state waters. Its about time the State Legislature does the same for Coastal Recreational Piers and that segment of the consumers with-in the market place. It's a matter of survial. We are an important part of the Lifeblood of many North Carolina coastal towns and city's........someone needs to wake up in Raliegh and smell the coffee.....We're Certainly helping pay for it.

07-09-2005, 10:34 AM
In VA the public fishing piers Pay 400 bucks for their license wether Commercial or let's say county such as Gloucester Point or Yorktown Piers and those two piers local businesses foot the bill. 4 grand for a 1000 foot pier a year is a bit high In my Book. The local community bennifts greatly from piers. Heck a hotel next to a pier gets patronage from the pier. I beleive if you get some local businesses to write you can get the fee to a more nominal level concidering all the other taxes involved.

07-11-2005, 06:20 PM
Noah, what that crowd in Rawleigh need s is a reality check. Guarantee they ain't got a clue what its like in the Real world.

sand flea
07-11-2005, 07:30 PM
This will only encourage more pier owners to say "screw it" and cash in to sell their places to land developers.

07-11-2005, 07:52 PM
This will only encourage more pier owners to say "screw it" and cash in to sell their places to land developers.

You mean like Kitty Hawk?? :mad:

GIl "BUBBA" Finn
07-12-2005, 09:52 AM
Piers profits are taxed are they not? They pay sales tax on what they sell and rent do they not?

Employees pay state income tax where they have it dont they?

That is enough.

What's next, parking meters at pier parking lots?

I say let's dress up as Indians and throw bottles of Snapple of the piers! :mad:

As a consummer on a VA pension I cant afford any more infation. Government should stick to doing for the peoplre and not to them. Why isnt that bunch of elected morond fixing gass prices lower?