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06-13-2005, 10:36 AM
Got down Sat afternoon and stuck the toes in the water and figured no way was I gona see a cobe this week. Went to 49 and caught a few mullet and then hit the N end of Ocock Sat night with NewsJeff. Ended up getting fogged in and spent the night waiting for a ferry. Finally got back across on the 6am ferry with no sleep and only a blue to show for it. Decided to forego sleep and hit 49 again. Small mullet,a real small flounder and a blue were the catch of the day.

Sun thru Sun hit the Point everyday after news of a 69# cobe was caught sunday morning.I personally witnessed the landings of 8 cobes during the week including the one I stuck for Deb. No bigguns for me and actually after Tue I didn't see any small fish caught. Oh well always next yr.

Was a pleasure to Hang with Derf and Deb as well as NJ,NTKG,Va Apraisor,Shooter and Teo and crew.We'll get em next time.... :D

OOOps forgot about BadTater, congrats on your first cobe even if it was a pup. You accomplished in a day what I couldn't in 8. ;)

06-14-2005, 09:24 AM
Nice Report Clay.

Better luck next time, but at least you wqeren't at work like me.