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08-14-2016, 10:43 PM
More of family beach day than a fishing excursion, but got a chance to soak a line. Got to the beach about 9:30 AM about an before the last of the outgoing tide. I tied up a Mortician rig w/ #6 and #8 hooks and used various Fishbites scents to target small stuff and entertain the kids. Double sea mullet on the first cast. Kept the bigger one for cut bait for use a rig with larger hooks . 12 yo daughter caught a small pomp, her first saltwater catch. Hooked up with a few other dink sea mullets and pinfish. Packed up the gear about noon.


08-15-2016, 09:56 AM
Thanks for the report! We are heading down Sat for a week. Nice to know there is stuff in the surf to keep the kids busy.
Let's hope the FM rigs I just tied have the same luck for them. I have a mix of #2 Mutu Light circles and #6 gold Kahles.