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12-31-2002, 04:33 PM
Decided to pack up the dog and head south for some striper. Got down around 4:30 Monday and bought a mullet from TW's. Birds were offshore at Kitty Hawk with a large crew hoping they would come in. I headed further south and after much wandering pulled off on ramp 38 around 6:30.
As soon as I cross the ramp I am flagged down. I guy and his family were buried to the axles in a 2500 Duramax big ass diesel truck. The guy said he aired down, but when I checked he had 40-44 psi in his tires. I had a rope and a few boards, but no shovel. We commenced to digging with the boards and were able finally get a board and jack under a wheel to start raising the truck. A guy a bit down the beach came over and offered a shovel and tow strap which I gladly accepted. After approx. 2 hours of digging we finally got it up and out. Today my shoulder is aching quite a bit and my back is sore, but I feel good about helping the helpless.
Back to the fishing report. Got bait in the water by 9 and cooked up some soup for me and the dog. Nothing was happening and I took little naps throughout the night checking bait each time I woke up. In the AM I caught a small shark that tried to strangle itself. Somehow the line had wrapped around the gills a couple of times and then was locked down by the hook, so I actually snared it instead of hooking it. There was nothing doing after that so I moved to OI and there was nothing doing there as well. Roamed the beaches from Nags Head to Kitty Hawk with no activity and decided to come home. I think I will stick with the VA Beach ocean front for my striper hunts.

01-04-2003, 01:21 PM
Thanks for the story shoeless,I enjoyed it, it sounds like many trips I've had down there. Even though the fishing is better up here in Va.B, there is nothing better than driving out on the beach with all your gear and comfort in your vehicle providing a place to warm up. You'd think that the hotel owners at Va.B would insist on having the beach open to vehicles in the winter time, knowing it would be a HUGE incentive to come and stay there.

01-04-2003, 02:36 PM
I think the beachfront property owners have and had something to do with no driving on the beach. (An opinion based on zero fact) Would you pay 300+ K for a home with a view just to have some rusty 4x4's parked in your "backyard"? (Even though you don't actually own the beach} I would be willing to pay for an annual pass like they have in DE if that is what it would take to open up the beach. I think that opening the refuge area south of Sandbridge to 4x4's would be great, and add money to the city coffers. After all, that is what it really comes down to when it comes to the gov't.

jay b
01-06-2003, 09:04 AM
I can remember moving to this area for the first time in '69. The ramp just south of L.I. park was open to beach access. We fished it all the time- all the way to N.C. As usual a couple of knuckle-heads screwed it up for everyone by 4-wheelin into the dunes and tearing everything up, so they closed it to everyone (kind of like the few dumb-a$$es are trying to do @ the Lesner by throwing lead @ boaters).Now the state owns part of it (Back Bay) and the feds own the other(False Cape) and together they'll never reopen it, but a real nice thought. This is one fisherman that misses it , could imagine being able to start @ sandbridge and driving the beach all the way to O.I.!!! Oh well time to wake up and go back to work.