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05-17-2013, 09:26 PM
Alright guys, I had a week at Oak Island last week and got in some fishing between house work so I thought I would give a report.

Thursday (5/9): After I got done doing some maintenance around the house all day I hit the beach for an hour before and after sunset. I really wasn't trying. Just happy to stop moving with a specific purpose, soak some bait and grab a beer. My buddy and his girl showed up a little before midnight and everyone headed to bed.

Friday: I woke up about 6am, made some coffee, watched a few minutes of tv while waiting on the inevitable to happen after drinking coffee, loaded the cart and hit the beach. I walked the beach for a block or two before I found a hole to set up around. My buddy called to see where I was and made it out about 7. Showed him a rig I make and told him where to throw; this is his very first time fishing any salt. About 30 minutes later he had one on fighting him pretty hard and he landed a big pomp. The bight was on from 7:30 to 8:30, which was an hour or so till high tide, with some whiting and small flounder, then it shut down so we headed in for breakfast.

After lunch we headed back out at low tide and caught quite a few small flounder (8-12" range), whiting, and croker.

Saturday: We hit the beach the same as before and with similar results. I caught a pomp who was a little bit smaller than the one my buddy caught. Again things shut down like clockwork so we headed back for breakfast (we could sense the ladies' stomachs growling from the beach ).

For lunch we loaded up and hit the Lockwood end surf only to catch two small flounder and a bunch of seaweed.

Sunday: This was my buddy's last day down so we only fished the early morning. No more pomps but some small whiting decided to play.

Monday: No fishing, only working.

Tuesday: I hit the beach early as before but with a low tide this time. Nothing to be had. Came back after lunch and caught a whiting or two but nothing to speak of.

Wednesday: Way too rough for me. Nothing but whitecaps as far as you could see. I was out walking and talked to a man on his was back from the pier who said he couldn't keep his blue fish alive and in the water.

Thursday: My last morning I was hoping for the best. It didn't look as bad from the porch as the day before so I headed for the beach. I was wrong. Threw out my smaller rod into the ditch with a 3oz pyramid only to wash right back in. I slapped on a 4oz and had the same results. Switched over to my surf rod and 6oz, threw this behind the breakers and stayed out about 5 minutes, so I headed back in. There was only one person on the pier at this time too.

All in all I think it was a good time. We got to kick back, eat some good food, drink a few beers, and get in some decent fishing. My buddy had a good experience with his first saltwater fishing and I ate some fresh fish; I'm the only one in the group who really enjoys fish. If you would like to see the pics you'll have to head over to http://www.ncangler.com/forums/threads/50842-Oak-Island-Surf-Fishing-May-9-16-2013 which has the same report just with pics.

05-17-2013, 11:34 PM
Sounds like you had a semi productive week. Headed down in a couple weeks, if you don't mind me asking, what we're you using? Baits and rigs?

05-18-2013, 11:05 AM
Yeah things were good before the cold front passed by which I think was Monday night. I caught some mullet and fished a few live, then cut em up. No takers on the mullet. I threw some gulp shrimp and got a peck or two. Our ticket was fresh shrimp. Oh and I forgot to mention we pulled in a nice little black tip.