Question: How to make bluefish and fireball rigs?
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Thread: How to make bluefish and fireball rigs?

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    How to make bluefish and fireball rigs?

    I'm interested in learning how to make my own bluefish and fireball rigs (listed as large and small mullet float rigs respectively: I've been looking online for a place to buy the floats and haven't had much luck. Does anyone have any advice on where to buy these floats? Do local tackle shops tend to sell them?

    Also, how do you keep the floats in place on the line so that they're not constantly sliding up/down?

    Thanks for any help.

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    you might be able to just run the line thru the hole and and loop it back up and down thru again ... that's how I put beads on rigs

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    For theses rigs you want the float to slide. The weight is put on above the hook. The weight will sit on the bottom and the float will slide up the line toward the hook lifting the bait off the bottom.
    A lot of shops carry these floats. I know couple of guys that use ceramic floats that they buy online from steelhead sites. They cast better and hold up well to teeth. They are more expensive though.



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