HBSP and litchfield bottom structure and profiles.
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Thread: HBSP and litchfield bottom structure and profiles.

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    HBSP and litchfield bottom structure and profiles.

    Hello I've been fishing these beaches on summer vacations for bout 15 yrs. I have never had great luck and want to change it. I always catch a few blues a ton of sharks. I am wanting to bemore succesful and increase fish quality. What is the bottom like past the breakers and how do you guys fish it? Any idea what the water depth is at 100yds out? I would really like to hook some pomps and flounder.

    I must say I'm seriously considering swimming bait out with a kayak or fishing from it when I can escape daddy duty.

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    Do a search on reading the surf. Some good stuff to learn.
    As a rule of thumb - if most all water is rough and choppy fish where it is calm. If most all water is calm them fish where it is rough. (troughs-cuts-ridges-humps)
    Looking it over at low tide is best - when you find a promising spot mark it with something up next to the dune/grass line so you can find it later.



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