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Thread: Daiwa Reel Repair

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    Daiwa Reel Repair

    Hey yall, I've got an old Daiwa GS-15x that was my Grandfathers. I think this series was the precursor to the Black Gold series. It looks beautiful and also means a lot to me. Anyway, it looks great but needs to be repaired. The anti-reverse lever has been unscrewed and misplaced and the bail does not click over when reeled. If anyone could recommend a good reel repair shop preferably in Va that would be great.


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    I can repair it for you if the parts are available from Daiwa. Check this link and let me know what part numbers you know you will need and I will check with Daiwa to see if they are still available.
    If the parts are available you can ship the reel to me and I can install the parts and if you like I can also strip it down clean, lube and check the internal parts. It is getting more and more difficult to find parts for older reels. If the parts are not available I have some older Daiwa reels in my back room that could not be fixed because the parts were not available. I may be able to use parts from those reels to get your reel fixed. If you do not know what parts you need you can just ship the reel to me and I will check it out for you. I am in Maryland.


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    It's also a good practice to manually close the bail...it causes unnecessary wear and tear (as you now see ).



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