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    NAS Key West

    Anyone going to NAS Key West...go to Trumbo point annex (home of the big Fly Navy building)...about 1/2 mile down the road on base there is a bridge by the RV park...when the water is flowing right to left, the place is stacked up with feeding tarpon...a fisherman's dream...had to have the right stuff, I chunked with bait and got a couple of hookups (chunked, then let my line float in the current as if it were a chunk), but they are feeding on a long needle type fish, so a fake eel might work (if I had known that is what they were eating, I would have bought a fake eeel when I went to the store)...make sure you bring flourocarbon leader, the first night the only way I could get a hookup was without my mono leader (bought flouro the next day) and then the hookups lasted a short time because they bit right through the 10 pound power pro...I found it best that if casting a lure, you need to cast it out of the light...these fish are finicky...I had multiple hookups on 10 pound power pro with a 30 pound leader...I hooked up on black mirro lure, whole threadfin fish, chunk of threadfin fish, and dark storm...got one about 3 feet to the edge and then he broke off...good luck...these fish were there in July and were there this past weekend...and they are huge...

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    I didn't know there was an NAS there....... Cool.

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    NAS is actually on Boca Chica Key. US 1 "T"s off just past that. Go left and you're going to the airport. Go right and you're heading to Duval Street.

    Trumbo Annex is on the right near the Marina. Can't miss it. Big Building with "Fly Navy" painted on it. (At least there used to be a sign - last time Uncle Sugar sent me to KW was 1992)



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