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    Calypso Seahawk Rods

    Anyone ever used these, I was looking for a couple extra rods for friends when they go fishing with me and I can get 2 9' ones for $35 and wanted to see if it was worth it or not.

    They would be used for pier and throwing into the surf, not going for any specific fish type, just general purpose use with bait.
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    Can't say as I have heard of them, but, if they are not for anything specific, and they fit your budget, why not?? I know tsunami makes a five star that is for the most part a cheap rod, but it is a good worthy stick used in the right circumstance. Every rod does not have to be a custom and you don't have to keep up with the Jone's, go for it.... salt shaker

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    I just started salt water fishing last year and my first setup was the calypso seahawk 7' combo. It came with the lil starter kit. The only problem I had was with the line bunching up every cast at first but after taking a bit of line off the reel I have had no problems at all. I've caught tons of croaker and spot with it but have yet to catch any BIG fish I did manage to pull up a 3-1/2' stingray Should do fine for what you are looking for.



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