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Thread: cancun surf fishing

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    cancun surf fishing

    Next year I,m going to a wedding in Cancun. I'd like to bring some fishing equipmint to fish from surf/beach/pier/jetty. How is it down there? What type and size of equipment? What type and size of lures? I'd rather not worry about bait, since that would be messy in a hotel. I'll have two boys with me, so I would like to stick with spin fishing.

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    get a 3 piece travel spinning rod, bring some gulp baits w/ a variety of jig heads, bring some fishbites too (why not). and finally bring some metal spoons/hopkins/stingsilvers. the long docks will have snapper in the 1-3lb range underneath them and lingering off the end of the long docks are usually a cuda or two (spoons). oh yea probably bring steel leader for the spoons too.
    snapper should take the gulp/fishbites pretty well.
    bring a snorkel mask to scout the piers then fish the ones that are loaded up



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